The building of the Tabernacle

Text: Exodus 36
2 March 2015

2 March 2015

Text: Exodus 36


1. The Lord’s part

a) He gives the plans for the sanctuary    Exodus 25:8-9

b) He gives wisdom and understanding    Exodus 36:1

2. Moses’ part

a) He gives instruction

b) He gives inspiration

c) He gives leadership    Exodus 36:1, 6

3. The Gifted artisans

a) Bezalel and Aholiab functioned as leaders    Exodus 36:1

b) All gifted artisans    Exodus 36:1

c) They received the materials    Exodus 36:3

d) Their honesty and integrity

i) Too much material    Exodus 36:5

ii) They had more than enough

4. The people

a) They gave willingly    Exodus 36:3

b) They gave faithfully    Exodus 36:3

c) They gave abundantly    Exodus 36:5

5. Restraint

a) Moses gave a command to the people to stop them from further giving     Exodus 36:6

b) The people were restrained from giving    Exodus 36:6-7

6. The actual work put in

a) By the gifted artisans    Exodus 36:8-37

b) Work continued till it was completed    Exodus 37-39