Daily Devotions


Day 200

"Is there unrighteousness with God?"

Text: Romans 9:14


Paul knew how limited human perception was. He knew that if he were to expound these truths, there would be strong reaction. It would be foolish to avoid the inevitable doubts and queries. Instead of avoidance, Paul raised these questions in the following text.

“What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness
with God? Certainly not!”
Romans 9:14

1. What shall we say then?

In raising this question, Paul was expressing the thoughts of many who found it hard to comprehend his theology.

2. Is there unrighteousness with God?

a) On the surface it would seem as if God is unrighteous to decide as He did.
b) Would God not be perceived as unrighteous if this line of reasoning was pursued?

3. Outright rejection of any possibility of God being unrighteous!

a) There was no question about God’s righteousness (even if we do not understand His thoughts perfectly).
b) That God is righteous must always be maintained!


Paul’s theological system may be simplified in the following manner:-

1. It begins with the Sovereignty of God.

2. In His sovereignty God declares:-

a) His divine purpose (though not all things are fully revealed).
b) His prerogative to elect… to choose.
c) He also reserves the right to call all whom He had chosen.

3. Application of this theological system to explain the concept of “true Israel”.

There were Jews who believed that true Israel must mean ALL who laid claim to being children of Abraham by ethnic descent! Paul strongly disagreed with this theological position. He offered his revealed theology as the correct one!