Daily Devotions


Day 197

"In Isaac your seed shall be called."

Text: Romans 9:7


Paul knew that he had to do more than merely present a strong argument. He would have to demonstrate what he said from the Scriptures. If he could not do that, his detractors would challenge and dismiss his theology.

“Nor are they all children because they are the seed of Abraham;
but, ‘In Isaac your seed shall be called.’
That is, those who are the children of the flesh, these are not
the children of God; but the children of the promise are counted
as the seed. For this is the word of promise: ‘At this time I will
come and Sarah shall have a son.'”
Romans 9:7-9

1. The seed of Abraham

a) Technically, this phrase is a reference to all the offspring of Abraham.
b) At least three distinct groups of people may be technically called “the seed of Abraham”.
i) One son, Ishmael, born from Hagar (Cf. Genesis 25:12).
ii) Six sons from Keturah (Cf. Genesis 25:1-2)
iii) One son, Isaac, born from Sarah (Cf. Genesis 25: 19)

2. “Children of the flesh… children of the promise”

a) All the physical children of Abraham are called “children of the flesh”.
b) The line of Isaac
i) It was God who made the distinctions.
ii) It was He who named Isaac as the seed of Abraham to be especially blessed.

3. The word of promise

There was a special word of promise given to Abraham.

a) The promise was not well comprehended initially by either Sarah or Abraham.
b) Hagar was thought to be the surrogate means to producing “the children of Abraham”.
c) This special word of promise was specifically given to Isaac alone!