Daily Devotions


Day 157

"I thank God"

Text: Romans 7:25


Paul refused to give in to feelings of wretched despair. There is yet hope! The following text is a most uplifting conclusion of the study of the doctrine of sin.

“I thank God- through Jesus Christ our Lord!
So then, with the mind I myself serve the law of God,
but with the flesh the law of sin.”
Romans 7:25


1. I thank God

Indeed, God be thanked for His plan of salvation. He did not leave man defenseless. If man were to be left to battle sin and evil on his own, he would be defeated all the time.

2. Through Jesus Christ our Lord

a) It was the Lord Jesus Christ who made salvation possible.
b) It will also be through the Lord Jesus Christ who will enable us to conquer sin and evil.

3. A startling conclusion

Paul’s concluding statement must be carefully understood:

a) Serving the law of God
i) The believer is able to serve the Lord.
ii) His mind (representing his inner being) will always desire to serve God.
b) Serving the law of sin
i) Paul is being most realistic here.
ii) He knows just how weak the human being really is.
iii) There will be times when the believer will falter and fail.
iv) There will be times when the believer seems to serve the law of sin.


Does this make the believer a hypocrite? NO! It simply means that the believer is just a human being wonderfully and gloriously saved by the grace of God. Paul has to allow for this “ambivalence” for this is truly the most realistic understanding of the Biblical doctrines of man and sin. Thank God that we still remain redeemed and justified!