Daily Devotions


Day 150

"I know that in me... nothing good dwells..."

Text: Romans 7:18


How should we understand Paul’s view of man and sin? For that matter how may we reconcile his lofty doctrine of justification and the sobering doctrine of sin? To say the least, Paul’s view of sin and man is very humbling indeed.

“For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells;
for to will is present with me, but how to perform what is good
I do not find.”
Romans 7:18

1. Humble and honest admission

a) Paul did not hide behind his title “apostle”.
b) Neither did he try and paint a rosy picture of his true spiritual state.
c) He was brutally honest when he wrote what he did/as he did.

2. I know that in me… nothing good dwells

a) There is full and free admission of grave sinfulness (Cf. Psalm 51:3-5).
b) Paul willingly admitted that in his flesh “nothing good dwells”.

3. To will is present with me

a) What is the human will?
b) It is the human resolve.
c) The intellect (the mind) is involved.
d) The will, no matter how strong, cannot provide the strength to overcome the principle of sin.

4. How to perform what is good I do not find

a) To will is one thing… to actually perform what is willed, is quite another.
b) The power of sin is far greater than most imagine.
c) Search as we might, we will not find the power to overcome the principle of sin.
d) Paul made these startling statements to underscore the power of sin in our life