Daily Devotions


Day 148

"I agree with the law that it is good."

Text: Romans 7:16


It is a very real challenge to try and keep up with Paul’s fascinating handling of the doctrines he espoused! Let us try and interpret the following text.

“If then, I do what I will not to do,
I agree with the law that it is good.”
Romans 7:16

1. “If then, I do what I will not to do”

The following truths would be demonstrated:-

a) That human beings are weaker than they care to admit.
b) That the law of sin exists.
c) That sin continues to work powerfully in the human being.
d) That sin will seek to dominate the individual (given half a chance).
e) That even the strongest believer would fall into sin.

2. The law that it is good

a) The law is intrinsically good.
b) The law came from God Himself.
c) The law teaches strongly and clearly that man is sinful.
d) The law (The Scriptures) record solemnly just how dreadfully man can sin against God and his fellow-men.
e) Our sins do not contradict the veracity of the law nor its goodness!

3. “I agree with the law”

a) Paul did not blame the law in any way.
b) He upheld all that the law of God stood for.
c) He is in full agreement that the law is indeed good.
d) His personal sinfulness merely highlights the good nature of the law of God.