Daily Devotions


Day 139

"What shall we then say? Is the law sin?"

Text: Romans 7:7


Paul endeavoured to show great sensitivity to his Jewish readers. He knew that what he was writing could be easily misunderstood. He raised one of the possible misunderstandings that could arise.

“What shall we say then? Is the law sin?
Certainly not!”
Romans 7:7a

1. What shall we say then?

Paul knew that some would jump at his teachings! This statement may be understood in the following way:-

a) Some could query the direction of Paul’s statement.
b) Others could query his line of thought or argument.
c) Still others could object to the conclusion that Paul seemed to have evinced!

Paul could not be easily dismissed. His life and ministry were too extensive to be ignored and written off easily. Nevertheless his teachings were particularly difficult for the Jews who held the highest regard for the law!

2. Is the law sin?

a) Did Paul think that the law was sinful?
b) If he believed this, then he would have lost the Jewish readers/audience completely.
c) If the law was not sinful, then why should he have made the statements:-
i) That the believer is dead to the law!
ii) That the believer has been delivered from the law!

3. Certainly not!

Paul was quick to make this strong plea:-

a) The law was not intrinsically sinful!
b) The law was given by God and therefore holy.
c) Nevertheless the believer has died to the law and has been delivered from the law!