Daily Devotions


Day 137

When we were in the flesh...

Text: "Romans 7:5"


Paul was rightly and deeply concerned about “fruit”. As he reflected on the fruit of sin, he was moved to write the following observation.

“For when we were in the flesh, the sinful passions which were
aroused by the law were at work in our members to bear fruit
to death.”
Romans 7:5

1. When we were in the flesh

The following features were highlighted, to demonstrate a powerful truth.

a) Sinful passions are found in the flesh
i) There is legitimate passion.
ii) There is also sinful passion.
b) The role of the law
i) It was meant to restrain sinful passions.
ii) The law instead aroused the sinful heart to sin even more wantonly.
iii) The law had no power to bring about victory over sin and the flesh.

2. What was the fruit of sin?

Paul dealt with this topic in earlier chapters. The following may be highlighted:-

a) Gentiles
i) Thoughts are affected adversely by sin (Romans 1:19-23)
ii) Greatly sinful deeds are perpetrated (Romans 1:24-28)
iii) A list of sins (as an example of the sins of the flesh) (Romans 1:29-32)
b) Jews
i) Hard and impenitent hearts (Romans 2:5)
ii) Committing evil (Romans 2:8-9)
iii) Blaspheming the name of God (Romans 2:23-24)

In a word- the fruit of sin is “death” (Romans 7:5)!