Daily Devotions


Day 117

"Our old man was crucified with Him..."

Text: Romans 6:6


It is wonderful and fascinating to discover so much about the significance of Christ’s death. The doctrine of identification with Christ is most riveting! But how are we crucified with Christ? Paul offers the following explanation.

“Knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him,
that the body of sin might be done away with,
that we should no longer be slaves of sin.”
Romans 6:6

1. “Our old man”

a) This is Paul’s description of the sinful nature of man.
b) It is this sinful nature that was crucified with Christ.
c) The individual still maintains his “human nature” (which distinguishes him from animals).

2. The death of Christ

a) Yes, He died that our sins may be forgiven.
b) He died that He may atone for our sins.
c) He died that we might stand justified before God.

3. Crucifixion of the old man with Christ

a) The old sinful nature that is so bent towards sin must be dealt with.
b) Our sinful human nature was crucified with Christ!

4. The body of sin

a) This is Paul’s description of the physical body
b) It is called “a body of sin” because the sinful human nature has adversely affected it
c) The reason why the human being is so prone to sin is because it has become a slave to sin.
d) There is only one way to free a person from the power of sin- through crucifying the old man with Christ!