Daily Devotions


Day 112

"Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?"

Text: Romans 6:1


Like the skilled teacher Paul was, he anticipated wrong application of the glorious doctrine of justification he sought to proclaim. One such wrong application may be found in the following text.

“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin
that grace may abound?”
Romans 6:1

Who are the people who could misapply what Paul taught?

a) Those who lacked full comprehension of what Paul taught.
i) Despite the long and detailed explanations Paul gave.
ii) The difficulty lay in the complexity of the doctrine.
b) Those who were the detractors of Paul- who were up to mischief
i) They could argue that since there was abundant grace, one could sin wantonly
ii) They could argue that since grace featured so much, sin was not to be feared at all


Paul’s reply was swift and certain. There is no mistaking the tremendous energy that lay within the following text.

“Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin
live any longer in it?”
Romans 6:2

1. False understanding of sin rejected

Wrong application stems from a false comprehension of the doctrine of sin!

2. The doctrine of grace must still be upheld

Paul did not backpedal even though he knew that some would try and find fault with his doctrine of grace! This precious doctrine was fundamental to the teaching of justification, and one couldn’t say enough about God’s providence of grace.

3. Why should the believer be drawn to living in sin?

If the individual has truly understood salvation, then he would have known just how high a price Jesus paid to give man redemption! Why would the genuine believer want to dwell in sin? Surely, the true believer has no desire to continue to live in sin! He has been delivered from the power and bondage of sin. He has died to sin!