Daily Devotions


Day 93

"We also glory in tribulations..."

Text: Romans 5:3


As we study Paul’s epistle to the Romans, we soon discover that the apostle has a definite theological system. The system, in a nutshell, divides easily into two main parts:-

1. That which concerns God

a) God is presented as the holy and just Judge (Romans 1-2)
b) He is also a merciful Redeemer, who is happy to provide redemption for fallen man (Romans 3-4)
c) God’s solution is to provide salvation through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son
d) The salvation of God is hinged upon the pure grace of God (Romans 3-4)

2. That which concerns Man

a) Man is candidly described as sinful before God (Cf. Romans 1-2).
b) The only way he is going to obtain salvation is to exercise faith in God’s redemptive plan through the Lord Jesus Christ.
c) He will have to believe in Jesus as his personal Saviour and the One who took the penalty of man’s sins upon Himself.
d) He gratefully accepts by faith, and exercises hope in God’s plan of salvation!


Paul’s theology offers a very careful balance between God and man! There is God’s offer of justification. However, man is also required to reciprocate. This careful balance must always be maintained if we are to comprehend Pauline theology correctly.

Man is never seen playing a passive role! On the one hand, there is God’s grace, and on the other hand, there is man’s faith! It is sometimes difficult to maintain that delicate balance, but the balance is obvious.


In Pauline theology, no spiritual entity exists by itself. Each entity is linked up with another inextricably. Faith is linked to grace (Romans 4:16). It is wrong to emphasise one entity in exclusion of others. Some emphasise the doctrine of grace to the exclusion of faith. In reaction to this emphasis, others stress faith, and diminish the vital significance of grace! It is wise that we pray for much needed wisdom as we tread on delicate and complex theological doctrines!