Daily Devotions


Day 107

"Abundance of grace..."

Text: Romans 5:17


Paul has been given many “titles”. One of them is “the apostle of grace”. This title highlights his emphasis on the doctrine of grace. The following text serves as an illustration of how he taught “grace”.

“For if by the one man’s offense death reigned through the one,
much more those who receive abundance of grace
and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One,
Jesus Christ.”

Romans 5:17

1. The reign of death

Once again, Paul drew attention to the terrible problem of sin!

a) Through Adam sin came into the world.
b) Through sin, death reigned over all mankind.

2. The reign of life

But instead of bemoaning the problem of sin, Paul highlighted the wonderful solution that Jesus offered!

a) Grace
i) This is a wonderful gift of God indeed; totally unmerited.
ii) There is an abundance of the supply of grace from God.
b) The gift of righteousness
i) Another way of describing the imputation of righteousness.
ii) Justification is the gift of righteousness imputed to all who believe.
c) Reign in life
i) Death no longer has dominion.
ii) Life reigns in place of death.
iii) The believer in Christ is given “new life”.
iv) To reign in life is to have power over sin and death- for all eternity!