Daily Devotions


Day 105

"The gift by the grace of the one Man, Jesus Christ..."

Text: Romans 5:15


Man’s great offence (sin) is well described in the Book of Genesis (Cf. Genesis 3). His offence (sin) had a number of elements. The following may be discerned.

1. With reference to God

a. Disregard for God’s specific command (not to partake of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil).
b. Disobedience to the clear word of command.

2. With reference to Satan

a. Regard for the lies of the Devil.
b. Obedience to the subtle voice of the serpent.

3. With regard to Self

a. Deception on the part of Eve (Cf. 1 Timothy 2:14)
b. Transgression on the part of Adam (Cf. 1 Timothy 2:14)


Mercifully, God had an answer to the problem of man’s offence.

“But the free gift is not like the offence.
For if by the one man’s offence many died,
much more the grace of God and the gift by
the grace of the One Man, Jesus Christ,
abounded to many.”

Romans 5:15

1. God’s answer is His grace

Man, because he is sinful, is totally unworthy of anything but the grace of God. The very word “grace” underscores the fact that man does not merit God’s favour! Nevertheless, His grace is extended to man!

2. God’s answer, more specifically is a special Gift

That great and glorious Gift of God is a Person! The greatest expression of God’s grace is in His giving of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. God’s gift of grace “abounded to many”

The great Gift of God is extended to all mankind, regardless of the state of sin he may be found in. Sin brought about death. However, the grace of God, abounding to many, can reverse the effects of sin and more!