Daily Devotions


Day 45

"If he fulfills the law..."

Text: Romans 2:27


The Jews (in the days of Paul) always thought of themselves as being more righteous than other people. Paul seriously questioned that. He must have startled many Jewish readers when he made the following statement.

“And will not the physically uncircumcised, if he fulfils the law,
judge you who , even with your written code and circumcision,
are a transgressor of the law?”
Romans 2:27

1. The physically uncircumcised fulfilling the law

The Gospels and the Book of Acts record the commendation of two Gentiles (both centurions):-

a) Commendation by Jesus

Jesus commended the faith of the centurion who had sought help for his servant who was seriously ill (Cf. Luke 7:1-10)

b) Commendation of Cornelius

The historian Luke made the following observations concerning Cornelius. He paid him high honour with the following description.

“A devout man and one who feared God with
all his household, who gave alms generously
to the people, and prayed to God always.”
Acts 10:2

c) An example of how an uncircumcised Gentile can please God
i) He was devout.
ii) He feared God.
iii) He gave alms generously.
iv) He prayed to God always

2. The failure of the Jews

a) Despite the fact that he was given a “written code”.
b) Despite the fact that he was given the rite of circumcision
c) He transgresses the law (intentionally)

3. Judgment of the Jews

The Gentile who is God-fearing would now “judge” the Jew!