Daily Devotions


Day 36

"Doers of the law will be justified."

Text: Romans 2:13


The doctrines of judgment and justification were important ones. Having a mistaken concept of these two doctrines would have serious consequences! Thus Paul devoted time to explaining these concepts.


Paul knew well the Jewish mindset. He addressed a problem that he knew many Jews faced.

“For not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God,
but the doers of the law will be justified.”
Romans 2:13

1. Hearers of the law

a) It is wonderful to be interested in the law of God.
b) It is a privilege to hear the law of God read and expounded.
c) However, the mere hearing of the law of God will not result in justification!

2. In the sight of God

a) Many Jews were more concerned about how they appeared before men than God.
b) But it is God who justifies and not man!
c) Hence it is vital that justification in the sight of God be sought!

3. Doers of the law

a) We must not misunderstand this phrase
i) Paul was not saying that the keeping of the law would bring justification.
ii) He was addressing the problem of not practising one’s faith.
iii) The person who has a genuine faith will express it by being a doer of the law.
b) Faith that causes a person to become a doer of the law

Paul was all too aware of the fact that subjective faith was difficult to check. Anyone could claim that he has faith in God. He cautioned that God was the One who would examine all claims of faith. There is such a thing as false faith! Genuine faith that causes a person to be a doer of the law is that which God will honour.