Daily Devotions


Day 27

"The judgment of God is according to truth..."

Text: Romans 2:2


The issue of Judgment is closely related to the subject of God’s wrath! The following thoughts must be borne in mind.

1. The fact of man’s sin is unquestionable (Cf. Romans 1:29-31).

2. Man can sin so blatantly and outrageously, he incurs God’s wrath (Cf. Romans 1:18).

3. God judges man for his many sins (Romans 2).


This is an important question that deserves a solid answer. Let us consider one of the ways in which God will judge.

“But we know that the judgment of God is according
to truth against those who practise such things.”
Romans 2:2

1. According to truth

a) God does not judge a person whimsically.
b) He does this “according” to definite laws.
c) These laws are called “truths”.

2. These laws or truths are known to mankind

a) These truths of God are revealed in Creation.
b) These truths are found in the laws of nature.

3. When people choose to sin

a) They do so knowingly.
b) They reject God’s laws or truths, preferring their own wisdom.

4. God will judge them according to these universal truth-laws

a) All judgment will be carried out objectively.
b) God is perfect for this work of judging, because He alone would not be guilty of any wrong-doing or sin!