Daily Devotions


Day 362

"To Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel"

Text: Roman 16:25


Paul held to a very strong Christology. In all his epistles he consciously wrote about the Lord Jesus Christ and His role in securing man’s redemption. Paul consistently and consciously attempted the following:-

1. To reveal the great role the Lord Jesus Christ played in the story of man’s redemption.

2. To defend the all-sufficiency of Christ as Saviour and Lord.

3. To encourage faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

4. To deepen existing relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ.


It is also true to say that Paul had a very strong sense of consciousness of God the Father! The doxology that he wrote as he concluded his long epistle to the Romans is evident proof of his correct high regard for God the Father (Romans 16:25-27).

“Now to Him who is able to establish you
according to my gospel”
Romans 16:25a

Now to Him who is able to establish you

a) Who needs to be established?
i) The Roman Christians needed to be established in a number of areas.
ii) All present believers need to be established in their faith.
b) Why do we need to be established?
i) So that we will remain strong and steadfast in our faith.
ii) So that we might not succumb to sin or Satan.
iii) So that we might be able to enjoy our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
c) Who is able to truly establish us?
God the Father can and will establish us! Hence all glory should go to Him!
d) How would He go about establishing us?
The Gospel that Paul propounded was revealed to him by God the Father. He would stand by His word and establish us through the same word He gave to Paul.