Daily Devotions


Day 360

"To Him who is able to establish you"

Text: Romans 16:25


Are there essential differences between prayers and benedictions? Paul certainly seemed to make a clear distinction between the both of them!

1. Prayers

a) They may take different forms:-
i) General prayers.
ii) They may be supplications.
iii) They may express thanksgiving.
iv) They may be intercessions.
v) They may be penitential.
vi) They may be petitions.
b) The manner of offering prayers
i) In the name of the Lord Jesus as our Mediator and High Priest.
ii) In faith.
iii) In hope.
iv) In humility.

2. Benedictions

a) They are pronounced (rather than blessings pleaded for).
b) They are special invocations of the Name of the Lord.
c) They may be compared to the Aaronic benediction (Cf. Numbers 6:22-27).
d) A benediction may take two forms
i) A truncated form (Romans 16:20b, 24)
ii) A full form (Romans 16:25-27)