Daily Devotions


Day 358

"Gaius, my host, and the host of the whole church..."

Text: Romans 16:23


It is entirely possible that the man called Gaius was known not only to the apostle Paul, but also to the apostle John. Paul’s description of Gaius is as follows.

“Gaius, my host and the host of the whole church, greets you.
Erastus, the treasurer of the city, greets you,
and Quartus, a brother. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
be with you all. Amen.”
Romans 16:23-24

1. Erastus and Quartus

a) Erastus seemed to be better known than Quartus.
b) The former appears to be a public official (the treasurer of the city).

2. Gaius

a) Paul speaks of Gaius as “a host”.
b) A stronger description of Gaius and his ministry (as a host) may be found in 3 John.
i) Gaius especially devoted himself to helping people in the ministry (as a host) {Cf. 3 John 5}
ii) He expressed practical help for both the brethren and strangers (Cf. 3 John 5)
iii) He gave practical support (supplies) to all in need (Cf. 3 John 6)
iv) Itinerant servants of God especially benefited from this support (Cf. 3 John 7). These went out to do evangelistic work without definite and certain support.


Gaius had obviously developed a very unique ministry that probably only a few would be able to develop!

1. It would take a strong sense of financial commitment.

2. It would also involve having a spirit that had learned how to give unstintingly.

3. It would mean having a strong sense of love for the ministries of evangelism and missions.