Daily Devotions


Day 351

"Laboured in the Lord..."

Text: Romans 16:12


Paul’s list of friends is by no means exhaustive. The features of people considered good and outstanding people become more and more apparent as we study his list of friends.

1. Tryphena and Tryphosa

a) Nothing is known about them apart from this text.
b) They are remembered as people who “have laboured in the Lord”.

2. Persis

a) Again nothing is known about this person.
b) Nevertheless the word “beloved” was applied because of labour for the Lord.

3. Rufus

a) He is called “chosen in the Lord” ( Romans 16:13)
b) Rufus’ mother was also greeted.
c) Paul called his mother “mine”.

4. A quick list of names (honoured by Paul, known only to him and the Lord).

a) Asyncritus
b) Phlegon
c) Hermas
d) Patrobas
e) Hermes
f) Philologus and Julia,
g) Nereus and his sister
h) Olympas and all the saints who are with them.