Daily Devotions


Day 334

"I am going to Jerusalem to minister to the saints..."

Text: Romans 15:25


Paul had a full and fruitful preaching ministry. Nevertheless he found time to include a special ministry to the less fortunate. We have a clear statement of Paul’s deep interest and concern for the less privileged.

“But now I am going to Jerusalem to minister to
the saints.”
Romans 15:25

1. The word “minister”

a) This is the common word “diakonon”.
b) It describes the heart of a servant doing very humble tasks.

2. To minister to the saints

a) The word “saints” is a beautiful description of “believers” in Christ.
b) The believers may be poor, but they are nevertheless “saints” in the Lord.
c) They are sanctified by the Lord because of their faith in Christ.

3. Jerusalem saints

a) There was a famine in Jerusalem predicted by Agabus the prophet (Cf. Acts 11:27-28)
b) The New Testament prophets did their part well.
i) In prophesying of this catastrophe.
ii) In urging believers living outside Judea to give to meet the needs of the Judean brethren.
c) There were many who were not so well off in Jerusalem.
d) Paul sought to do his part in encouraging the Gentile churches to give meaningfully to alleviate the suffering of the poor in Jerusalem.

4. But now I am going

This phrase expresses Paul’s personal commitment to this worthy task of ministering to the saints! While the ministry of preaching the Gospel was Paul’s chief concern, nevertheless it was right that he should find time to offer social service as well. It was good for believers to learn how to express practical care and concern for the poor.