Daily Devotions


Day 319

"Jesus Christ has become a servant to the circumcision..."

Text: Romans 15:8


The Gospel writers held strong views about who Jesus was. The most common views include the following:-

1. Jesus as the King of the Jews (Matthew 2:2)

2. Jesus as the Son of God (Mark 1:1)

3. Jesus as the Messianic Son of Man (Luke 6:5)

3. Jesus as the Christ (John 20:31)


Paul’s view of Jesus is most remarkable. Let us ponder the following text carefully.

“Now I say that Jesus Christ has become a servant
to the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm
the promises made to the fathers.”
Romans 15:8

1. This view does not contradict other views stated elsewhere.

a) There were other views of Jesus that are just as valid and important
i) That He is Lord.
ii) That He is Redeemer, etc.
b) The view of Jesus becoming a servant is also valid and important.

2. A special feature highlighted- “Servanthood”.

a) Jesus though He was Messiah-King, nevertheless humbled Himself to become a servant.
b) His special area of ministry assigned to Him was to be a servant to the circumcision.

In the Gospels we see Jesus always serving to meet the needs of many.

c) He also fulfilled and thus confirmed the many promises God made to the Jewish forefathers.

The intended meaning in writing about Jesus as a humble Servant was to move the hearts of his readers to emulate His example. The believers in Rome needed to be reminded that they ought to walk as humbly as Jesus did!