Daily Devotions


Day 271

"Owe no one anything..."

Text: Romans 13:8


We incur many debts in life. All debts must be paid! There was no mistaking this message in the following admonition Paul gave.

“Owe no one anything…” Romans 13:8a

1. Watch out for extreme views

a) Some have used this text to suggest that one cannot even borrow at all.
b) This includes borrowing from a bank.
c) They interpret this text to mean “cash on the barrel”.

2. A balanced understanding is needed

Paul must have been addressing the following groups of people:-

a) Those who have the means to pay but they do not honour their debts.
b) Those who seek to evade the responsibility to repay debts.

3. Owe no one anything

a) This is a reference to financial integrity.
i) This is something that must be understood.
ii) It is a character trait that must be cultivated.
b) All debts must be discharged:-
i) Responsibly
ii) Honourably
iii) Completely
c) Accountability must be practised
i) In good conscience
ii) In obedience to the laws of God