Daily Devotions


Day 269

"...for conscience's sake."

Text: Romans 13:5


Paul wrote strenuously urging his readers to understand the government. He devoted much time to the study of this subject because it was an important one to understand.

“Therefore you must be subject,
not only because of wrath but also for
conscience’s sake.”
Romans 13:5

1. “Therefore you must be subject”

a) Take time to recall what Paul had written (Romans 13:1-4).
b) The word “therefore” indicates that Paul is calling for a logical response to all that he had written.
c) A quick review concerning governing authorities.
i) They were appointed by God.
ii) They received their authority from God.
iii) They are to be seen as servants (ministers) of God.
iv) They bear the sword to quell the activities of evil doers.
v) They will praise good works.

2. “Be subject… because of wrath”

a) There must be a proper regard for the authority of rulers.
b) Their wrath is to be “feared” .

3. For conscience’s sake

a) Paul’s appeal to the conscience is fitting.
b) The Christian conscience would teach the believer to recognize the wisdom and the authority of the apostle Paul.
c) Conscience would guide all believers to choose to do that which is good.