Daily Devotions


Day 264

"Overcome evil with good."

Text: Romans 12:21


This battle has always existed. The sides have been clearly drawn. This battle is virtually endless! Paul urged his readers to take note of how they engaged themselves in this spiritual battle.

“Do not be overcome by evil,
but overcome evil with good.”
Romans 12:21

1. Do not be overcome by evil

a) Evil will seek to overcome- that is its ultimate goal.
b) Evil knows no mercy
c) Evil will resort to any means to overcome good.
d) Evil will be relentless in its attacks against the good.
e) Evil mocks goodness and God Himself.
f) The believer can be overcome by evil… unfortunately!

2. But overcome evil with good

a) Evil can be overcome.
b) This must be our faith and our hope.
c) We may not win all battles, but good will never lose this war against evil.
d) Evil must be defeated every time it launches an attack.
e) Good can and must prevail.

3. Evil cannot be overcome by evil

a) This must be borne in mind.
b) Evil cannot vanquish itself; it just appears to be victorious.
c) A greater evil will emerge when two evil forces clash.

There is only one way to overcome evil- through doing that which is good!