Daily Devotions


Day 242

"The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable."

Text: Romans 11:29


Paul rebuked Gentile believers who were inclined to be haughty in spirit towards the Jews. But what was the right attitude or regard to Israel then?

“Concerning the Gospel they are enemies for your sake,
but concerning the election, they are beloved for the sake
of the fathers. For the gifts and the calling of
God are irrevocable.”
Romans 11:28-29

1. Enemies

a) Those who persecuted believers in Christ were “enemies” indeed.
b) Enemies are easily identifiable- they oppose the Gospel.

2. The election

a) Not all Jews are enemies!
b) There were those who must be regarded as “the elect”.
i) These will turn to Christ one day.
ii) They will come to faith.
c) These are to be regarded “as beloved” for the sake of the fathers (Cf. Romans 9:5 of whom are the fathers the patriarchs of Israel)

3. The gifts of God

a) A short list of these gifts is found in Romans 9:4
b) These gifts are irrevocable!

4. The calling of God

a) God’s calling was encoded in the Abrahamic Covenant.
b) This calling of God given to Abraham and his descendants is an irrevocable thing.
c) Israel would always have a permanent place in God’s heart.
d) God will fulfill His covenant promise in His time.