Daily Devotions


Day 238

"Do not be haughty, but fear."

Text: Romans 11:20


Once, the problem was with Jews despising Gentiles. This time round, Paul had to deal with a problem of Gentiles having a bad attitude towards Jews. It was necessary to deal with this problem firmly!

“You will say then, ‘Branches were broken off
that I might be grafted in.’
Well said. Because of unbelief they were broken off,
and you stand by faith. Do not be haughty, but fear.”

Romans 11:19-20

1. The contention of the Gentiles

a) They cite what Paul himself had argued earlier.
b) That Jewish branches were broken off that Gentiles might be grafted in.
c) This was an undeniable fact!

2. You stand by faith

Paul urged the Gentile believers to remember how they obtained salvation in Christ!

a) It was faith that enabled them to understand the message of the Gospel.
b) It was faith that enabled them to receive Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.
c) It was faith that enabled them to cultivate a meaningful life of service for God.

3. Closely associated with a mature faith

a) A mature faith must see the Gentiles reject the spirit of haughtiness.
b) A mature faith must see them cultivate the spirit of “fear”.
i) There shouldn’t be any gloating over the Jews who were broken off.
ii) There should be sadness when unbelief is identified.
iii) There should be deep sense of sorrow that people were broken off.
iv) It would not be out of place to suggest that this “fear” is closely associated with “the fear of the Lord”.