Daily Devotions


Day 226

"But what does the divine response say to him?"

Text: Romans 11:4


Paul’s letter to the Romans fielded many responses from people.

1. Paul gave careful consideration to the Jewish response.

2. He also considered the Gentile response to his teachings.

3. The highest regard was always reserved to the Scriptures.

To the impassioned prayer of the prophet Elijah, Paul had this to say.

“But what does the divine response say to him?
‘I have reserved for Myself seven thousand men
who have not bowed the knee to Baal.'”
Romans 11:4


This phrase, “the divine response” was Paul’s special way of bringing God’s authoritative word of explanation!

1. A word of correction

a) God had to correct the wrong impression Elijah had.
b) Sincerity and earnestness are good things, but truth is even more important!

2. Seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal

a) Elijah did not know that these men even existed.

However, his lack of knowledge does not cancel out the reality of the truth.

b) Elijah’s opinion did not allow him to see beyond his own limited purview of things.


Many had formed opinions about God casting away his people too easily! Let us consider Paul’s point of citing Elijah!

1. Just as Elijah was wrong, so could the critics be wrong.

2. Just as Elijah was not informed about the seven thousand faithful ones, the critics may also be in the same boat. They do not know just how many Jews believed in God.

3. There are faithful ones! And they too number into the thousands.

Their faith would indicate that God had not cast off His people!