Daily Devotions


Day 211

"Christ is the end of the law..."

Text: Romans 10:4


Paul wrote what must have been to him a simple statement.

“For Christ is the end of the law for
righteousness to everyone who believes.”
Romans 10:4

How should we understand this statement? In order to comprehend this simple but rather profound theological statement we need to have the following understanding of the law.

We may look at the Law from two perspectives:-

1. The Law in Jewish thought

a) Divine Authorship

Its Author was Divine even though much honour has been given to Moses when he was described as the Law giver!

b) Laws from God that governed the following:-
i) Judiciary system
ii) Moral (National/personal)
iii) Religious (theology)
c) The End of the Law
i) With reference to Israel as a nation.
ii) With reference to righteous living for the individual.

2. The Law in Pauline thought

a) Paul also held to Divine authorship.
b) He also had the highest regard for the Law and all its ramifications (judicial, national and personal)
c) The Law ended or culminated in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ!
i) He is the Person from whom we obtain (imputed) righteousness.
ii) Anyone who has faith in the Lord Jesus as Saviour would avail himself of this imputed righteousness!