Daily Devotions


Day 84

"I rejoiced in the Lord greatly..."

Text: Philippians 4:10


The apostle Paul found his source of joy in the Lord. It is also true to say that he found personal joy in his relationship with the Philippians. In the following text we have a glimpse of his personal joy.

“But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at last
your care for me has flourished again; though you surely
did care, but you lacked opportunity.”

Philippians 4:10

1. “But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly”

a) This joy is still located in the Lord.
b) The word for “greatly” is interesting. (Greek “megalos” from which we get the word “mega”. Paul was speaking of experiencing mega-joy.)

2. “At last your care for me”

a) This phrase may be translated in another way- “You are thinking of me”.
b) The focus is on the way the Philippians were thinking of Paul.
c) This was translated as “care”.

3. “Has flourished again”

a) The word “flourish” has the idea of “blooming” (Greek “anathalete”).
b) The word “flourish” captures this idea quite well.
c) The word “again” tells us that the Philippians have expressed care and concern for Paul consistently.

4. “Though you surely did care”

a) The word “care” reflects the idea of “thinking” (Greek “ephoroneite”).
b) The Philippians were always thinking of their apostolic founding-pastor.
c) Paul understood their loving care and concern for him.

5. “But you lacked opportunity”

a) This phrase translates one word in the Greek text (Greek “anaireomai” – “to lack opportunity”).
b) The Philippians would have loved to do more for Paul but there were few opportunities.
c) The times they lived in (first century) made communication very difficult.
d) Paul was always on the move serving the Lord in different regions.
e) The Philippians did all they could for Paul as a gesture of their love and support for him.

We have a very wholesome illustration of Christian love between Paul and the Philippians.