Daily Devotions


Day 79

"The Lord is at hand."

Text: Philippians 4:5


The Lord Jesus Christ was ever so real to the apostle Paul. He was not just a Saviour and Lord seated at the right hand of God. The Lord was always “at hand”.

“Let your gentleness be known to all men.
The Lord is at hand.”

Philippians 4:5

1. God the Father

a) In Paul’s writings, references to God are always quite specific.
b) He is frequently addressed as the “God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:2).

2. “The Lord”

a) Paul often referred to Jesus as “Lord” (Philippians 1:2).
b) In this context the word “Lord” would be a reference to Jesus.

3. “At hand”

a) This word speaks of closeness (Geek “eggus”).
b) The Lord Jesus is never far away.
c) He is simply “at hand”.
d) This speaks of a tremendous sense of closeness of relationship between Paul and the Lord.

4. What is the significance of the Lord being “near by” (“at hand”)?

a) It should affect our behaviour.
b) People on the outside should be able to detect that we display good Christian behaviour.

5. “Your gentleness”

a) The word “gentleness” (Greek “epieike”) is used as a contrast to violence (1 Timothy 3:3).
b) It is closely related to the more common word for “gentleness” (Greek “prautes” or “praus”). Titus 3:2; Galatians 5:23
c) It is meant to be a visible feature that people can see and appreciate.
i) It is related to patience.
ii) And to mildness.
iii) And also to clemency.
d) This is a virtue to be cultivated for it was certainly associated with the Lord Jesus (2 Corinthians 10:1).