Daily Devotions


Day 61

"Counted loss for Christ."

Text: Philippians 3:7


There are two ways in which we can view gain and loss. There is the worldly view and there is the spiritual view.

1. The worldly view

a) Paul had gained much ground.
b) He had risen in his chosen field (career).
c) He had risen swiftly because of his zeal.

2. The Spiritual view

a) Paul was dramatically changed after his conversion to faith in Christ.
b) He rejected his former worldly viewpoint.
c) He had adopted a new and spiritual perspective of life.

“But what things were gain to me,
these I have counted loss for Christ.”

Philippians 3:7


The set of values that Paul developed after his conversion to faith in Christ was significantly different.

1. “But”

a) But (Greek “Alla” the strongest adversative conjunction was used.)
b) Paul wanted to place added emphasis.

2. “Things (that) were gain to me”

a) These things appealed to Paul in the past.
b) Many coveted these gains.
c) Paul had “great gains”.

3. “These I have counted loss”

a) The gains referred to (name, fame, prestige, money, power).
b) He counted them as “loss”.

4. “For Christ”

a) Jesus was central in Paul’s life.
b) What mattered most was Jesus and all that He wanted Paul to do.
c) Paul was willing and able to consider “gains” as “loss” for the sake of Christ.