Daily Devotions


Day 54

"Therefore I sent him the more eagerly..."

Text: Philippians 2:28


Paul finally decided whom he would send. His visit to the Philippians would of course depend on when he would be released from prison. He wanted to send Timothy but the final decision was to send Epaphroditus back immediately.

“Therefore I sent him the more eagerly,
that when you see him again you may rejoice,
and I may be less sorrowful.
Receive him therefore in the Lord with all gladness,
and hold such men in esteem.”

Philippians 2:28-29

1. “Therefore I sent him the more eagerly”

a) Even as Paul wrote these words, Epaphroditus was on his way back to Philippi.
b) Paul sent him back eagerly and also with a great sense of relief that he was alive and well.

2. “When you see him again”

a) The Philippians ought to be very happy that they would see their faithful messenger again.
b) Paul was less sorrowful now that he knew that Epaphroditus was well enough to make his way back home.

3. “Receive him therefore in the Lord with all gladness”

a) Epaphroditus was to be welcomed home.
b) “In the Lord”
i) The Lord was to be involved.
ii) Epaphroditus was to be received as one honoured by the Lord.
c) The Philippians ought to find special joy in having Epaphroditus as their special servant of the Lord.

4. “Hold such men in esteem”

a) Men like Epaphroditus do not grow on trees.
b) They are uncommon.
c) He was not of course the only one who had done well in their life and ministry.
d) All who have done well to be held in high esteem.


Epaphroditus and Timothy were both commended highly.

1. They gave of themselves unstintingly to the Lord and His work.

2. They truly went the second mile, putting their lives at risk for the sake of the Lord’s work.