Daily Devotions


Day 50

"But you know his proven character..."

Text: Philippians 2:22


Words of high commendation do not come forth easily from the lips of the apostle Paul. Timothy had proven himself again and again and thus Paul was able to write the following words about him.

“But you know his proven character,
that as a son with his father he served with me
in the gospel.”

Philippians 2:22

1. “But you know”

a) Paul was not just writing a strong testimonial for Timothy.
b) He appealed to the knowledge of the Philippians.
c) They had known Timothy right from the start of the ministry in Philippi (Acts 16).

2. “His proven character”

a) This phrase translates a single word (Greek “dokimen”).
b) The following things are to be borne in mind.
i) Timothy had been tested in life and ministry.
ii) He had passed the tests of trials and tribulations.
iii) He had been proven to possess a true and good character.

3. “That as a son with his father”

a) Timothy had begun as a disciple under Paul’s wing.
b) He was a fellow-worker with Silas (Acts 16).
c) In time he became “a son” to the apostle Paul.
d) He served as a true son might serve with his father.
i) He had learned the ways of Paul.
ii) He had emulated him in many ways.
iii) There arose a strong father-son relationship.
iv) Timothy endeared himself to the apostle Paul.

4. “He served with me in the gospel”

a) It was not just a father-son relationship.
b) There was a shared ministry.
c) Timothy served alongside his spiritual-father as a true and loyal son would.