Daily Devotions


Day 47

"Be glad and rejoice with me."

Text: Philippians 2:18


The Philippians were so blessed to have such a relationship with the apostle Paul! A quick review of how blessed they were! The following things may be highlighted:-

1. Paul was the founder of their church (Acts 16).

2. He was a great teacher to them.

3. He was their friend and had great fellowship with them.

4. He interceded for them often.

5. He suffered much for the sake of the gospel on their behalf.

6. He took pains to keep in touch though he was in prison.

7. He loved them with all his heart.


The apostle Paul wanted the Philippians to be able to go further and deeper in their understanding.

“For the same reason you also be glad and rejoice with me.”

Philippians 2:18

1. “Paul’s reason for joy”

a) Paul shared his reason for great joy.
b) His reason was to be able to sacrifice for the blessing of the Philippians.
c) This was a very deep source of joy.
d) It would require maturity of faith to be able to speak of this joy genuinely.

2. “For the same reason”

a) Paul wanted the Philippians to have the same reasoning.
b) It would be difficult for there are deep emotions involved here.
c) How could the Philippians rejoice that Paul was sacrificing himself in this manner for them?
d) Nevertheless, this was Paul’s challenge to them.

3. “Be glad and rejoice with me”

a) Be glad and rejoice (Greek… same root word “chairo”).
b) Literal translation… “rejoice and rejoice with me”.
c) There is nothing passive in the phrase “be glad”.
d) Paul encouraged a strong sense of active rejoicing.