Daily Devotions


Day 33

Fulfil my joy by being likeminded

Text: Philippians 2:2


The apostle Paul added a very personal word of appeal to the Philippians to exhort them further.

“Fulfil my joy by being like-minded,
having the same love, being of one accord,
of one mind.”

Philippians 2:2

1. “Fulfil my joy”

a) This was a very personal word to the Philippians.
b) It was stated very strongly for Paul employed the imperative tense in the word “fulfil” to communicate the strength of this word to them.

2. “Being like-minded”

a) In the Greek text, Paul uses a verbal idea (rather than a noun idea in this translation).
b) He was urging them to literally “think the same thing”.
c) They must use their mind to think as a united body.

3. “Having the same love”

a) The word “same” (Greek “auto”) is used in both phrases.
i) Think the same thing.
ii) Have the same love.
b) All believers have the same love of God poured into their hearts (Romans 5:5,8).

4. “Being of one accord”

a) This phrase translates one word in the Greek text (“sumpsuchoi”).
b) It may be translated as having “the same spirit”.

5. “Of one mind”

a) Once again Paul used the verbal idea strongly.
b) He urged them to “think one thing” (Greek “to hen phronountes”).
c) It is only when people actively work at thinking in a united manner that having “one mind” is possible.


The danger of becoming disunited was very real, even in the first century. The Corinthian Church that Paul founded was in danger of suffering schism. To the apostle Paul schism was seen as a very grave sin problem that must be addressed strongly.

The modern day church has become disturbingly fragmented. Many reasons may be offered but perhaps the greatest problem lies in not giving due heed to what the apostle Paul had written in this text.