Daily Devotions


Day 3

"Paul and Timothy, bondservants of Jesus Christ..."

Text: Philippians 1:1


Paul wrote this epistle to the Philippians. He could have just mentioned his name without including Timothy at all. He did not include the names of Silas and Luke though they worked together as a team.

“Paul and Timothy, bondservants of Jesus Christ,
To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi,
with the bishops and deacons.”
Philippians 1:1

1. “Paul and Timothy”

A number of reasons may be considered as to why Paul only mentioned Timothy’s name.

a) Silas travelled with Paul for a while. He went on to other ministries.
b) Luke also travelled with Paul from time to time. He was not into ministry “full-time”.
c) Timothy was different.
i) He became a spiritual son to the apostle Paul.
ii) He was Paul’s protege.
iii) Many scholars speak of Timothy as Paul’s personal emissary.
iv) He had a long history of association with the apostle Paul.
v) He could have been Paul’s amanuensis, helping him with his letter writing.
vi) Paul especially wanted to honour Timothy.
vii) Timothy most likely had continuing ministry with the Philippians while Paul had to minister elsewhere.

2. “Bondservants of Jesus Christ”

a) This was what they shared in common.
b) Paul was an apostle, but Timothy was not an apostle.
c) Features of being “bondservants”:-
i) A deep sense of humility in choosing to be known as “bondservants”.
ii) A great sense of faithfulness in their service given to the Lord Jesus Christ.
iii) This title was the preferred choice reflecting wonderful spiritual maturity.
iv) This reflected an outstanding sense of commitment to serve as “slaves”.
(This is the essence of the word “bondservants”.)
v) This was an exemplary way of conducting themselves as good ministers of God.