Daily Devotions


Day 27

"Your rejoicing for me..." Philippians 1:26


The apostle Paul had established a wonderful relationship with the Philippians! The following features may be highlighted.

1. Mutual remembrance of each other in prayer.

a) Paul’s prayers – Philippians 1:3, 9-11
b) Philippians’ prayer – Philippians 1:19

2. Mutual concern for each other’s well-being.

a) Paul’s affection – Philippians 1:8
b) Philippians’ loving support – Philippians 4:15

3. Mutual fellowship – Philippians 1:5

4. Mutual partaking of the grace of the Lord – Philippians 1:7


True Christian fellowship will always be characterised by a genuine sense of joy in each other’s company.

“That your rejoicing for me may be more abundant
in Jesus Christ by my coming to you again.”

Philippians 1:26

1. “That your rejoicing for me may be more abundant”

a) The word “rejoicing” translates a word that is sometimes translated as “boasting”. (However this word is not used in an offensive manner. It speaks of “joyous confidence”.)
b) The Philippians took great pride and joy in their friendship and fellowship with the apostle Paul.
c) They were rejoicing that Paul would be delivered from prison.
d) The thought that Paul would be visiting them in the near future brought about rejoicing.
e) Each experience of joy leads to abundance of joy.

2. “In Jesus Christ”

a) Paul was ever mindful of the place of the Lord Jesus.
b) This joy that was felt must be traced to the Lord.
c) This joy must be sustained by the Lord.

3. “By my coming to you”

a) These visits by the apostle Paul were greatly treasured by the Philippians.
b) Paul also found much significance and joy in visiting the churches he founded.