Daily Devotions


Day 18

"More bold to speak the word without fear."

Text: Philippians 1:14


The example of the apostle Paul was truly outstanding. His imprisonment in Rome caused many to become emboldened to share their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“And most of the brethren in the Lord,
having become confident by my chains,
are much more bold to speak the word without fear.”
Philippians 1:14

1. “Fear”

a) This is a natural response.
b) But it is essentially negative.
c) And because of fear of persecution, many believers hid their faith.

2. Fearlessness

a) Paul possessed immense courage.

b) His example of suffering for the Lord Jesus inspired and emboldened many.

3. Impact on the brethren

a) Most of the brethren who knew Paul felt inspired.
b) They became “confident by (Paul’s) chains”.
i) The word “confident” (Greek pepeitho) suggests that they were “persuaded” by Paul’s example.
ii) And having been thus persuaded, they exhibited “confidence” in their witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.
iii) They were impressed and impacted by Paul’s chains (reference to his imprisonment).
c) “Are much more bold to speak the word without fear”
i) There was now a new sense of “boldness”.
ii) They could now be described as people “with no fear” (Greek aphobos).
iii) The brethren had overcome whatever fears they may have had in their hearts.
d) “To speak the word”
i) They were not ashamed of their faith in God.
ii) They boldly declared their faith in the word they preached.
iii) This “word” was none other than the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, which the apostle Paul proclaimed and defended.