Daily Devotions


Day 116

1 Peter 4:11b "If anyone ministers, let him do it with the ability which God supplies..."

Day 116 – Mark 5


It must have been a very moving moment for the disciples of Jesus and the Lord Himself, to hear this impassioned plea from “Legion”. He would have made a powerful witness for the Lord. He had a story to tell, that none of the other disciples could speak of. But, as much as Jesus would have loved to take him on board, there was an even greater challenge that must be understood and embraced. Jesus must have looked at this new convert with loving eyes; He was going to give him a very special task to perform.

“However, Jesus did not permit him, but said to him,
‘Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things
the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion
on you'”
MARK 5:19

1. Request denied

It must have been a difficult thing to accept. His first and only request to the Lord Jesus had been turned down! But Legion, having been so gloriously delivered was not going to spoil things by being foolishly upset, just because his request had been refused.

2. An important “Home Mission”

Jesus was not rejecting him as a disciple! Far from it, he was given a vital assignment in his home town of Gadara. Legion would have access to the Gadarenes where Jesus had been rejected! His being assigned to stay on at Gadara was even more important than going with the Lord Jesus.

3. The Message that Legion would proclaim

The content of the message that Legion would be asked to share may be summarized in the following manner.

a) Great things the Lord had done
Few would be able to debate the great things that Legion had just recently experienced.
i) To have a myriad of demons exorcised was a great thing to testify of.
ii) To have the mind fully restored would be another great thing to speak of.
b) The compassion of the Lord
The compassion that Legion experienced would be difficult to surpass.
i) The compassion of the Lord was well evidenced by the special visit Jesus made to Gadara, just to deliver him from the power of wicked demons.
ii) The compassion of God would be most dramatically contrasted by the lack of compassion shown by the Gadarenes towards him in his hour of need- when he was possessed!