Daily Devotions


Day 36

Day 36

Text: Mark 1

"But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct." 1 Peter 1:15


Jesus must have ministered to thousands of people. So many came from regions far and near. They came because they had heard that Jesus could heal them, and what they had heard about His healing power was confirmed. He did have power to heal! But there was something else that was special about Jesus. Mark made this special notation.

“Then Jesus moved with compassion,
stretched out His hand and touched him,
and said to him, ‘I am willing; be cleansed.'”

MARK 1:41

1. The phrase “moved with compassion”

This phrase translates just one word in the Greek text “splagchnistheis”. This word has deep and significant elements:-

a) The root word is used to describe “the bowels” .
b) When the Greeks wish to describe a person who is deeply moved, they speak of the intestines being affected.

2. Still moved with compassion after healing so many

It is not unusual to feel deeply moved when one first comes into contact with those who are ill. However, with time and exposure, that initial feeling wears off. What is left behind is a sense of professionalism. There is still that care and attention, but compassion is often absent after a while. However, this was not the case where Jesus was concerned. Mark noted that He still felt deeply moved, even though He had healed so many already.

3. Touching of a leper

Few would ever touch a leper in those days, for the following reasons:-

a) The fear of contracting leprosy

Given medical knowledge in those days, this fear was considered valid. Protocol demanded that one should not touch a leper at any time.

b) The fear of being rendered unclean

The Levitical laws were very strict. We can understand why there were laws restricting physical contact with lepers. A person who touches a leper would be rendered ceremonially unclean.

The compassion of Jesus caused Him to reach out to the leper with great compassion. His compassion caused him to give a word of encouragement and cheer. What topped the expression of compassion was the touching of the leper! That must have ministered to the heart of the leper deeply.