Daily Devotions


Day 32

Day 32

Text: Mark 1

"Through those who have preached the Gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven- things which angels desire to look into." 1 Peter 1:12


The Disciples had never come across such a Person as Jesus! They must have noted with pride, joy and love the things they had heard and seen Jesus doing.

1. His teachings were brilliant

2. His power was boundless

3. His fame was bountifully multiplying

4. His life was beautiful

5. His Presence was breathtaking


The disciples were delighted that they now belonged to a wonderful band of disciples whose Leader was truly magnificent. But they had not learned all they needed to learn about their Master.

When the disciples woke up, they could not find Jesus. It took a while before they found Him.

“And Simon and those who were with him searched for Him.
When they found Him, they said to Him,
‘Everyone is looking for You.'”

MARK 1:36-37

1. Some embarrassment for the Disciples

They could not tell the multitudes where Jesus was. They simply did not know where He went. (It must be said, in all fairness to the Disciples, these were the early days of their discipleship training program. They did not know their Master all that well yet!)

2. Perhaps an element of reproach

a) No full comprehension of the Prayer Life of Jesus

Nobody prayed as Jesus did. Prayers were always being said, but the way Jesus practised praying was unique. (At this stage of the training of the Disciples, this devotion to a deep prayer life was bewildering and beyond total comprehension.)

b) No full comprehension of the overall ministry of Jesus

The Disciples had never seen so many people flocking to see Jesus. He drew even more people than John the Baptist. Should not Jesus have been there to meet the people? The disciples were excited that “everyone was looking for Jesus”. To their mind, it would be logical for Jesus to meet all who were looking for Him. They could not comprehend why He seemed to have withdrawn Himself from the multitude.