Daily Devotions


Day 10

Day 10

Text: Mark 1

"According to his abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope." 1 Peter 1:3


Mark’s understanding of the gospel of Christ was never just academic. Let us ponder some of the things that are known about Mark’s exposure to the Christian faith.

1. Through the faith of his family

Mark’s exposure to the Gospel of Christ involved his family, especially his mother, also called Mary (Cf. Acts 12:12). Her faith in Jesus made her open up her home as a meeting point for the early disciples. She risked much when she opened up her home as she did. Mark’s exposure to the Gospel was of very high quality.

2. Through the faith of Barnabas

Barnabas was a close relative of Mark (Cf. Colossians 4:10). Mark saw first hand how Barnabas gave up his fortune to serve the Lord Jesus (Cf. Acts 4:36-37). The Gospel was not just something to believe in. To truly know the Gospel is to experience a significant life-change.

3. Through the faith of Peter

Mark was highly honoured to be called “son” by the apostle Peter (Cf. 1 Peter 5:13). One can imagine Mark accompanying Peter in his ministry. As a leading apostle, Peter traveled to visit, to confirm and to encourage believers. To travel with Peter must have brought tremendous insight and inspiration to Mark.

4. Through personal faith

Though we are not informed as to the details of Mark’s conversion, we have no reason to doubt that he had come to personal faith in Jesus. As with all who had come to faith in the Lord Jesus, the message of the Gospel represented much.

a) Through personal failure

Though the Scriptures are silent concerning Mark’s failure to fulfill all that was required of him on Paul’s First Missionary Journey, we know enough to say humbly, that he had failed to live up to expectations.

b) Through restoration

That Paul would one day endorse Mark (Cf. 2 Timothy 4:11), tells us that he was finally and fully restored in his relationship with the apostle to the Gentiles.

5. Through countless experience of sharing the Gospel message

Mark must have heard the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed numerous times. It is not difficult to imagine Mark being involved in bearing testimony concerning the Risen Saviour as he traveled with the apostle Peter to do evangelistic work. With each telling of the Gospel of Christ, Mark’s faith became stronger and stronger- till he was all ready to write his Gospel.