Daily Devotions


Day 82

"For it is written..."

Text: Galatians 4:27


The apostle Paul had the greatest regard for the Scriptures. He was not against the law in any way. He just understood it as a tutor. The law had its purposes but it could never bring about justification. Only by grace and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ would there be full justification from God.

However Paul had a very profound way of citing Scripture. The following text is an example.

For it is written:
‘Rejoice, O barren,
You who do not bear!
Break forth and shout,
You who are not in labour!
For the desolate has many more children
Than she who has a husband.’

Galatians 4:27

1. “For it is written”

a) Paul was citing Isaiah 54:1.
b) The connection is more theological than historical.

2. The context of Isaiah

a) It was also written in a theological context.
b) Isaiah had written prophetically about the suffering of the Messiah (Isaiah 53).
c) Isaiah 54 was a response text.
d) There should be the greatest sense of joy in the heart if there is full understanding and appreciation of the redemptive work of the Messiah.

3. Paul’s application of Isaiah 54

a) There is no mistaking the spirit of joy.
b) The focus is on the last line… “children”.
c) Biological children is not in mind here though.
d) Spiritual children is in mind here.

4. Spiritual children of the Jerusalem from above, the mother of us all

a) These have placed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah prophesised by Isaiah.
b) Through His redemptive work He offers full and free justification through faith.
c) Those who believe in Christ are called children of God.
d) They become joint heirs with Christ.
e) There is every reason to rejoice… to break forth and shout for joy in the salvation we have in Christ!