Daily Devotions


Day 32

"But if, while we seek to be justified by Christ..."

Text: Galatians 2:17a


The doctrine of justification is at one and the same time, both simple and yet deeply profound. This is highlighted in the following text.

But if, while we seek to be justified by Christ,
we ourselves also are found sinners,
is Christ therefore a minister of sin? Certainly not!

Galatians 2:17

1. “But if, while we seek to be justified by Christ”

a) “We”
A general reference to everyone (apostles included).
b) “We seek”
i) Nothing is taken for granted.
ii) The heart seeks justification from God.
c) “By Christ”
i) By Christ (By His atonement)
ii) In Christ (In the Person of Christ)
iii) Justification
d) Ramifications of this justification through faith in Christ.
i) We are declared righteous by God.
ii) The righteousness of Christ is imputed to every believer.
iii) There is no distinction between Jew and Gentile in justification.

2. “We ourselves also are found sinners”

a) Sinners “by association”.
b) General Jewish thinking in those days.
If a Jew eats with a Gentile he is considered “sinful”. (Still in the context of the controversy of Peter’s dissension from the Gentile community in the church.)
c) Paul challenged this anomaly
There should not be this idea that fellowship with Gentiles would make Jewish believers “sinful”.

3. “Is Christ therefore a minister of sin? Certainly not!”

a) Jesus made justification possible because of His perfect righteousness that was imputed to us.
b) Therefore He cannot be a minister of sin! God forbid this thought! Hence fellowship with Gentiles cannot be sinful for that would make Christ “a minister of sin”.