Daily Devotions


Day 59

"The LORD is King forever and ever..." Psalm 10:16

Text: Exodus 7 : 22-23


Once again we encounter the “magicians of Egypt”. These men attended to Pharaoh as part of his court. They were part of his cohort of “wise men” who advised him concerning the running of the kingdom. The magicians would come in should supernatural events occurred. They were supposed to be able to interpret these signs. More powerful magicians were supposed to be able to counter powerful magic spells that could be harmful to the Pharaoh or Egypt’s well-being.

“Then the magicians of Egypt did so with their enchantments;
and Pharaoh’s heart grew hard, and he did not heed them,
as the LORD had said. And Pharaoh turned and went into
his house. Neither was his heart moved by this.”
EXODUS 7:22-23

1. Could the Egyptians actually turn water into blood?

The Scriptures seem to indicate so! The text “then the magicians of Egypt did so with their enchantments” would suggest that they were so deep in their black arts, they could replicate the sign that Moses had just performed.

2. Could these magicians have performed this sign on as wide a scale?

This is highly doubtful! They may have been able to turn some water into blood but to replicate Moses’ deed in exact detail would be beyond their powers!

3. Could the magicians reverse what Moses did?

Surely the point of this power struggle would be not merely match the deed of Moses! If the magicians were all that powerful, why not attempt to reverse all that Moses had done. Why not cause the rivers of blood back to its original state?


What was Pharaoh’s reaction to this new set of circumstances?

1. He hardened his heart further.

2. He refused to heed the words of Moses.

3. He refused to acknowledge what Moses had just done.

4. He merely turned his face away from Moses; he returned to his palace!


The citizens of Egypt were desperate for water. The plague of water-to-blood lasted one whole week. With both exasperation and desperation the Egyptians dug many wells – just to get water for drinking and cooking! The plague took its toll on the Egyptians if not on the Pharaoh! The God of the Hebrews was to be regarded with awe!