Daily Devotions


Day 362

"Nevertheless, in Your great mercy You did not utterly consume them nor forsake them; for You are God, gracious and merciful." Nehemiah 9:31

Text: Exodus 40 : 20-21


After the Tabernacle was erected, Moses focused his attention on the Holy of Holies.

“He took the Testimony and put it into the ark,
inserted the poles through the rings of the ark,
and put the mercy seat on top of the ark.
And he brought the ark into the tabernacle,
hung up the veil of the covering, and partitioned off
the ark of the Testimony, as the LORD commanded Moses.”
EXODUS 40:20-21

1. “The Testimony”

This reference was to the Ten Commandments, no less! Moses had broken the first set of the Testimony, when he came down from Mount Sinai, and saw the children of Israel worshipping the golden calf.

God had graciously given to Moses another set of the Commandments. These stone tablets were indeed a Testimony. The following thoughts may be highlighted:-

a) Of the Lord’s grace in giving them His Word.
b) Of the Lord’s mercy in giving them a Covenant.
c) Of the Lord’s love in giving them a second chance to be His people.

2. “Inserted the poles through the rings of the ark”

The ark was so sacred that no human hands were allowed to touch them. The priests would have to carry the ark into Holy of Holies with the poles.

3. “The mercy seat”

The “mercy seat” represented much. The sacredness of the Holy of Holies must not obscure an important truth. Israel had a great and merciful God. He was indeed wonderfully holy, but He was most merciful too!

4. “Partitioned off”

Once the ark of the Testimony was placed in the Holiest Place, a veil was set in place, to set it apart from the rest of the Tabernacle.

5. “As the LORD commanded Moses”

Once again, we come across this phrase (Exodus 40:16, 19, 21). Moses was most conscious of all that the Lord had commanded him to do. He was determined that he would pay careful heed to all that the Lord had commanded him.