Daily Devotions


Day 272

"For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith" Romans 12:3

Text: Exodus 29 : 10-11


One lesson that must have stood out to the priests must have been God’s emphasis on holiness. Man, being innately sinful, needs to be washed and cleansed before he can even contemplate entering into God’s presence, let alone think about serving Him!


The consecration of the priests was to be taken most seriously. One bull and two rams were to be sacrificed. They would constitute the following:-

1. A Sin Offering- Bull Exodus 29:10-14

2. A Burnt Offering- Ram Exodus 29:15-18

3. A Wave Offering- Ram Exodus 29:19-25

Each offering had its own particular significance. The priests themselves must fully comprehend the depth of meaning of each one, for in time to come, they would have to perform similar functions for others!


It is only right and natural that the sin offering should be offered first! It is not without significance that the sin offering was to be offered, despite the fact that the priests would already have gone through a ritual bath for cleansing (Exodus 29:4)

“You shall also have the bull brought before the Tabernacle
of meeting, and Aaron and his sons shall put their hands on
the head of the bull. Then you shall kill the bull before the LORD
by the door of the Tabernacle of meeting.”
EXODUS 29:10-11

1. “Before the Tabernacle of meeting”

The priests were not allowed to enter into the Tabernacle before they were consecrated!

2. “Aaron and his sons shall put their hands on the head of the bull”

This was not so much to control the bull, but to identify with the animal that was to be sacrificed! The priests must understand and appreciate that the young bull was being sacrificed on their behalf!

3. “Then you shall kill the bull before the LORD”

This sacrifice was to be made “before the LORD”. There must be high consciousness of who the LORD is… His greatness, His holiness and His glory!