Daily Devotions


Day 255

"The law of truth was in his (priest) mouth, and injustice was not found on his lips." Malachi 2:6a

Text: Exodus 28 : 2


What did God have in mind as He gave instructions to Moses concerning the garments of the high priest in particular? Even the garments worn by the priests were to be used as instruments for instruction.

“And you shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother,
for glory and for beauty.”

Three things were to be borne in mind with reference to the high priestly garments:-

1. Holiness

The idea of “holiness” includes the idea of distinctiveness and separation. Aaron’s garments were to be made for him to wear in his role as high priest! No one else was to wear those garments! The wearing of his high priestly garment separated him from all other priests! He was a special servant of the Lord!

2. Glory

At least two ideas may be highlighted:-

a) The glory of the Lord
God’s glory is never far from anything that He creates. His glory is to be seen in Creation. His glory is to be seen in the Tabernacle worship that He had just created for Israel.
b) The glory of the high priestly office
To serve the Lord is in itself a significant privilege. To be singled out as high priest is spectacular honour! The glory of the high priesthood must always be borne in mind and upheld!

3. Beauty

Few could imagine that the idea of “beauty” would be factored in! Yet it is! Why should not the Lord factor this in?

a) The Lord loves beauty
Even a quick glance at Creation would reveal the fact that God made the world with beauty in mind as well.
b) Pleasing to the eye
When the high priest dons his holy garments, on-lookers would be deeply struck and impressed by what they see! Why should not the servant of the Lord dress well to reflect the beauty of the Lord and the glory of His service?