Daily Devotions


Day 252

"Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness; he is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous." Psalm 112:4

Text: Exodus 27


Great significance was attached to keeping of the Lamp in the Holy Place. Two sets of symbols must be borne in mind even as the Aaronic priests tended to the Lamp.

1. With reference to God

a) God as the vital Source of Light

This must always be borne in mind! There must be constant appreciation of the vital role light played in the world! Without light, life could not be sustained!

b) The vital roles that Light played:-
i) Light was a symbol of truth
ii) Light was also a symbol of protection
iii) Light was a symbol of enlightenment
iv) Light was a symbol of victory over darkness

2. With reference to man

Israel must know that that the symbol of keeping the Lamp well-lit also has significance to the nation.

a) Israel must ever love to walk in the light of God’s laws.
b) The nation must ever seek to reflect the glory of the light given by the Lord.
c) Light was a worthy symbol with reference to man in the following ways:-
i) Light was associated with the upright
ii) Light must be maintained in a world that was threatened by darkness
iii) Light was a symbol of righteous living (graciousness, compassion etc)
d) The supply of fresh olive oil would represent understanding and appreciation of the teaching concerning “the Light”.

3. With reference to the Aaronic priests

They were blessed indeed to be entrusted with Tabernacle duties! As may be expected, with privilege came responsibility:-

a) The priests must ever set a good example for the nation of Israel.
b) They had a great responsibility to teach Israel to walk in the light of God’s laws.
c) The priests must grow in their knowledge of the tasks that God had entrusted them! Mere mechanical fulfillment of tasks would not do!